Porta Solutions S.p.A. is a company specialized in studying COMPETITIVE PRODUCTION PROCESSES for your company, which are focused on PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY.

Starting from this concept our leading product is the MULTICENTER, which was developed in order to allow the customer to lower inventory stock thanks to fast production changes in 15 minutes or less The aim is to produce only what is already sold, as according to today’s market demands.

This innovative way of proposing no longer as a Machine Tools builder, but as a FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION PROCESS builder brought Maurizio Porta (Porta CEO – second generation) to write a 220 page book entitled “PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY”. Here he explains in detail this new way to face the market’s challenges after the world crisis of 2008 and how to take advantage of this epochal change.

Click on the LINK for the BOOK of MAURIZIO PORTA: http://www.flexible-production.com/landing/il-libro/