PORTA Solutions is first of all a company that delivers RESULTS to its customers by developing competitive production processes that can provide tangible advantages and benefits.

All that by applying the concepts of the “Flexible Production” method.

But now, over to our customers...


Plant Manager:

Our production includes a significant number of different items and lots ranging from a few to tens of thousands of parts.
For production we mainly used machining centers for medium-low lots and transfer machines for large lots.
These choices were not sufficient to adequately cover our wide range of needs and, especially in the mid-range of the series, the results were not satisfactory.
The use of the Multicenter has made it possible to improve in that range; improving productivity, minimizing changeover times, and guaranteeing the flexibility we need.
After a first initial experience, we quickly installed a second MULTICENTER.

Fabio Nicoli
Plant Manager
Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A.
Via A. Mercanti,17 25018 - Montichiari, (BRESCIA)



I purchased my first Multicenter in 2006 and bought a second one in 2013.
We had a horizontal centre and were unable to deal with the work load.
We have many components and relatively small batches, so in order to tackle the work load we should have purchased two additional machining centres, which also meant hiring more personnel to operate the machines. Then we discovered the Multicenter!
Thanks to the Multicenter, we were able to move all the milling jobs to one machine, since the machining time per piece was shorter. 

The major advantage of the Multicenter for us was without a doubt the fact that, with the same number of personnel, we managed to deal with the work load, without hiring other technicians.
Another advantage is the fact that one machine takes up less space than three machines, thus freeing up space in the workshop.
Once a piece is tooled the first time, the following tooling operations are quick and easy.

Mr. Arno Drechsel
Komet Austria
Julius Durst Str. 10
9900 Lienz/Austria


Machine/Tooling operator:

“I purchased the first machine in 2006 and the second system in 2016.

The issues I dealt with before having the Multicenter were mainly long tooling times and cycle times. Plus, the previous machine was no longer very precise. Long cycle times and long tooling times did not allow for immediate job changeover. Let’s say that once we found a solution, we tried to make as many pieces as possible, increasing the stocks in our warehouse (quite a burden for the company).
As the Multicenter has an extensive tool magazine (24 per unit and 72 in total), I can leave several tools mounted on for various jobs. This means reducing the tooling time to that required for replacing the moulds. The Multicenter has a very compact design, is far more accurate and faster both in cycle time and tool management. This means you can also make small production batches to then change item quickly, reducing the tooling time.
The positive results I achieved are greater precision, shorter tooling times, shorter cycle times, item changeover flexibility, which allows me to focus on meeting customers’ requests as much as possible.”
Giuseppe Suranna
Machine/Tooling operator


Owner and Managing Director:

“We’ve had the Multicenter since 2013.
Ever since we installed it, we have cut down on scraps, we are able to deliver much faster and we have reduced our production costs thanks to the quick re-tooling.
With the Multicenter, we have achieved positive results, improving the quality of our finished pieces and speeding up productivity. Now, we can offer our customers faster deliveries at a more competitive price!"
Dr. Alexander Ostertag
Owner and Managing Director
Kühr GmbH
IZ-N.Ö.-Süd, Straße 3, Obj. 35
A-2351 Wiener Neudorf – Austria



“I’ve had the Multicenter since 2014 and I recently purchased a second system.
Buying the Multicenter was the right choice because – although I had other similar machines in the company – I found the right balance of productivity and flexibility.  We have various parts that turn on your machine, sometimes with small batches (500/1,000 pieces) and sometimes larger ones (15,000/20,000). These parts used to be made by individual machining centres or by dual-spindle lathes.
We found that the tooling times of the Multicenter were similar to those of previous machines, though on average productivity is five times higher than previous (based on the annual report). We used to have a dual-spindle machine and two centres designated for the production of those parts and we often had them outsourced. Now the Multicenter is enough and we still have a fairly good safety margin.
We would like to thank you for the design of the equipment, your design made the extremely functional and high-performance piece clamp possible.”
Ing. Carlo Medina 
Boeme S.r.l.
Via dello Strego, 1
28010 Cavallirio (NO) – Italy


Production department manager:

“I bought the first Multicenter in 2016, the second one in 2017, the third one in 2018 and the fourth one recently. We had used to have timing issues due to the tool changeover and piece loading idle time, I needed to tool up several machines to carry out all the machining on the piece.
On the Multicenter, I load the piece on the free pallet, while the units are running, each of the 3 spindles simultaneously carries out part of the machining.
The positive outcomes are the noticeably shorter production times, the precision and shorter tooling times.”
Ing. Marco Stradiotti
Production department manager
Kramer Italia

OMECA - Cavagna Group

Production Department Manager:

“I’ve had the Multicenter since 2009 and I recently installed the sixth Multicenter.
Before acquiring the Multicenter, I had to machine the piece in multiple steps, and this resulted in the following problems:
  • Dents
  • Critical thickness
  • Burr issues
Thanks to the Multicenter, we were able to streamline the cycle in order to solve issues associated with quality and cycle time. Moreover, the machine can be retooled from one piece to the next in just 15 minutes, thanks to the large number of tools in the magazine that are always available. In fact, retooling only consists of changing the clamps".
Giuliano Pintossi
Production Department Manager
CAVAGNA GROUP S.p.a. - Divisione OMECA
Via Statale 11 / 13
25010 Calcinato (Ponte San Marco) BS – Italy


Owner – Technical Director:

“I bought the Multicenter in 2014.
Before we installed the Multicenter, it was impossible for us to machine the six "sides" of my piece, with a few tilted drillings, at the same time.
Now, thanks to a suitably tooled Multicenter, I can machine the six "sides" and use standard tools.
The Multicenter has solved machining issues of some families of pieces and the timing finally allows me to speak of “Productivity”.

Ferruccio  Tognella
Owner – Technical Director
F.lli Tognella  S.p.A.
via Goito, 60
21019 Somma Lombardo (Varese) – Italy


Production Manager:

“We bought our first Multicenter in 2011 and we recently ordered the seventh Multicenter.
The pieces we machine on the Multicenter are typically horizontal centre pieces.
To make up for the tool changes and to have a “decent” cycle time, we used to place more than one piece per cube on one centre. This led to repeatability issues since the pieces were moulded or cast.
Since the Multicenter has 3 machining centres, it is competitive in terms of cycle time already with one piece per cube, thus simplifying tooling and, most importantly, lowering their cost.
The same thing applies to tooling the machine prior to starting a production run: having to check 16 or 24 pieces per cube resulted in long start times. Today, we load a maximum of four pieces on the Multicenter, thus significantly speeding up the tooling stage.
Another advantage is the possibility of loading and unloading using a robot, something that would not be possible with a machining centre unless one was willing to invest 20 or 25 times more the figure to build the equipment, consequently a significant reduction in personnel.
The flexibility in handling the ramp-up and ramp-down of a piece, in the sense that before a piece is produced at full capacity on a transfer machine, smaller batches and pre-series productions must be carried out which, on a transfer, would not be manageable at lower costs as it is possible today with the Multicenter”.
Fabio Ghidini
Production Manager
Via Angelo Gitti, 18
25060 Marcheno (BS) – ITALY


Production & Lean Manager:

“We’ve had the Multicenter since 2015.
The Multicenter allows us to think and work with small batches on a departmental scale and not in terms of a single machine... in other words, I am no longer forced to stop or interrupt large job orders to make room for small requests, because now I can rely on the Multicenter.
Alessandro Ronchi
Production & Lean Manager
Via Rose di Sotto 38/C
Years of happy customers


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