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ISO 40 3-spindle Portacenter – 250mm CUBE

Fast NC machine tool, ideal to confidently tackle daunting projects requiring the removal of large amounts of material, including challenging ones such as cast iron and steel.

This model often replaces ISO50 machining centres thanks to the stiffness provided by the closed-cell frame. A machine to replace machining centre arrays and gain an ultra competitive edge!
  • 4 stations and 3 modules
  • cell base for maximum stiffness
  • 3 sturdy horizontal XYZ modules, made in die cast iron with ISO40 or HSK63 tool coupling
  • tool magazine with 12 or 20 places per module for a total of 36/60 tools
  • 4 satellite tables in continuous mode (360,000 positions) 
  • 2 or 4 oil supplies for each satellite table
  • standard ISO programming
  • Siemens® or Fanuc® CNC


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